Strategies in Maximizing the Implementation of Industrialized Building System (Ibs) in Construction Projects in Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan


Mashanim Mazahir , Zhiong Jam Ng
Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, SEGi University

Journal of Engineering & Technological Advances
Vol. 2, Issue 2, pp. 53-68 (2017)

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The implementation of Industrialized Building Systems (IBS) has been introduced in Malaysian construction industries since early 1960s and the government has successfully launched the first IBS project which was known as Pekeliling Flats, Kuala Lumpur with low cost and affordable project. The survey conducted by CIDB Malaysia indicated that the adoption of IBS in local construction industry still considered as not reach to the satisfaction level although the adoption of IBS have been intensively introduced and promoted by the government and private sectors from the early stage. The usage of IBS still remains low definitely due to the barriers that hinder the implementation of IBS in the construction industries. Research was conducted using quantitative research approach through questionnaire surveys. The analysis method is mainly derived from descriptive analysis. Thus, this study is conducted to improve the adoption of IBS in local construction industry by identifying the main factors and current awareness on the usage of IBS. This study also concentrates to improve the strategies with the purpose to maximize the implementation of IBS in Malaysian construction industries. More effective strategies will be generated to enhance the rate of IBS adoption and minimize the barriers to the minimum level.