Dam Yield Assessment in Selangor 2016


Heng Hock Hwee, Hii Ching Poon, Siaw Fei Lu, Pan Wang Fook
SMHB Sdn Bhd, Independent Consultant
Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, SEGi University

Journal of Engineering & Technological Advances
Vol. 2, Issue 1, pp. 57-77 (2017)

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This paper presents a review of water yields for six reservoir schemes within Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. The study was carried out using up-to-date hydrometric database up to 2009. Three approaches were used for yield calculations; namely, (1) Drought Sequence, (2) Longterm records, and (3) Storage-yield-reliability model techniques/methodologies. It was found that the gross yields of various reservoir schemes were agreeable with one another, at least within the margin of difference which is about 5%.