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Safety factor
Von Misses stress
1st principal stress
3rd principal stress
Multiple truss structure


In recent years, automotive chassis has developed tremendously. This includes the roll cage chassis type which has a higher centre of gravity. This will require an optimum number of truss members to ensure the rigidity and safety of the chassis and user. This research paper aims to analyse the roll cage chassis frame using static analysis simulation by removing truss members at the bottom of the chassis for each design. Carbon steel was employed for all chassis designs. Then, static analysis simulation was done using Autodesk Inventor 2023. From the static analysis, a load equal to 6300 N was applied to the chassis. The safety factor, von Misses stress, 1st principal stress, and 3rd principal stress were analysed and compared for each of the designs. The result shows that the lowest safety factor starting from Design 1, Design 2 and Design 3 with the values of 2.13, 1.85, and 3.24, respectively. For the 1st principal stress, the values are 97.39 MPa, 329.5 MPa, and 104 MPa for Design 1, Design 2, and Design 3, respectively. This result is good as the ultimate strength of carbon steel is 695 MPa. While for the 3rd principal stress, the values are 20.2 MPa, 96.4 MPa to 37.6 MPa for Design 1, Design 2, and Design 3, respectively. In conclusion, removing a few truss members will affect the static analysis performance. It is determined that Design 2 has an optimum truss members number compared to the other two designs.


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