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Free vibration


This paper presents the use of an open source-based technology, Arduino microcontroller, which is used for free vibration test by using accelerometer ADXL345 comparing with one of common accelerometer and data-logger. The test was carried out in 3 variations: pre-loading, elastic damage (L/240), and inelastic damage (L/120). This research used reinforced concrete beam as specimens with 3000 mm length, 150 mm width, and 250 mm depth. Specimen was installed by 2 monitoring system, Arduino equipped with accelerometer ADXL345 and commercial data-logger NI equipped with commercial accelerometer KISTLER. The results show that relative error between ADXL345 to KISTLER is less than 5% for mode shape 1, 2, and 3 except in case inelastic damage for mode shape 3 is almost 10%.



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