Material Selection


A huge number of materials are available to the modern engineer, but selecting the appropriate material for engineering application is a complex task. This work tries to solve the material selection problem by developing the material selection software. The software adopts the Multi Attribute Decision Making technique for the selection. An optimization criterion (goal programming) was introduced, and the software uses this to prioritize materials suitable for an application. The software contains a graphical user interface as front end and a database management system as back end. Database was created, and by writing structured query language statements, commands were executed by the database management system. Nonferrous materials with their properties were stored in the database. Management system uses the algorithm to search the database and select optimum material based on desired criteria input in the graphical user interface. The material selection software developed in this research work was tested for selection of material. A criterion for selecting material for connecting rod for motor bikes application was given. The software scanned through the database and searched for materials with range of these properties and optimizes each and ranked them. Results displayed two aluminum materials and found out that Aluminum 7075-T73 was the optimum material for the application. Software was validated using Granta Cambridge Engineering Selector software which showed that the material selection software developed in this work is valid for selection of materials.


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